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1 to 5 Hard Disk Adapter sata

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작성자 busmoon
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Product information: 

Item type: Adapter Card Line length: 0.4 Chip: JMICRON JMB321 Model: ADP5SAT-J01 Core type: copper core Interface: SATA 7PIN Support system: WINXP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, LINUX MAC

Please note:

1. This expansion card must support the PM (SATA PORT MULTIPLIER) function on the motherboard or expansion card to recognize 5 hard disks. Normal motherboard SATA does not support this function. If it is not supported, only one card can be recognized. 2. The small 4PIN power supply must be plugged in to use

Product description:

Number of split connectors: 1 to 5 Supports 6-port 3.0Gbps SATA II interface Output swing control and automatic impedance calibration for SATA II PHY Supports asynchronous signal recovery Supports spread spectrum clocking Supports partial / slumber power saving mode Automatically speed negotiation Power connector: optional large 4PIN or SATA Supporting BIST and loop-back modes. Supporting staggered spin-up (optional). Supporting Hot Swap. Supporting asynchronous notifications. For ATAPI driver support. Support command and fi-based handover. Support PM-aware and non-PM-aware hosts. Support cascading mode. Support the execution of firmware code loaded by the host.

Connection method:

Plug in the small 4PIN power supply, and plug the input SATA cable into the motherboard or expansion card The general motherboard SATA does not support this function. If you don't support it, you can only recognize one card. 2. Must use the small 4PIN power supply

Package Include:

1 x product, 1 x Manual, 1 x box packaging Note: The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

총8개 1개상품 테스트후 7개상품은 개봉 안한 상품입니다.

메인보드에서 pm기능을 지원해야 사용가능하다고 하네요.ㅠ.ㅠ

구매가 보다 저렴하게 판매합니다.

문의사항은 텔레그램 @busmoon 입니다.

-개당 2만원

-택배(착불), 직거래(성남)

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